Wednesday, December 17

It all starts here..

It all started at National University of Malaysia or normally acknowledged as UKM. The main reason we gathered there was to learn some Arabic words and sentences for communication in Egypt, that is the place that we are currently being.

Actually none of us known each other till after about a month in the Arabic course, when we starts to know each other by some incidence. That's how the 6 of us met (Muhsin, Ammar, Farhan, Hesyam, Naim and Fadli). The other 3 of our members (Afiq, Syafiq and Firdaus) were introduced in Egypt when they were introduced to A8.

Muhsin, the first member of our group is always eager to be friend with every boys in the course, but not really into girls. Ammar is a cheerful person and never let a day dry without a smile. Hesyam sometimes appear matured, but other guess it. Sometimes Naim is so stubborn and bossy but in other cases he is not bad. Fadli is more towards the girls (he prefers to be known as a Ladies' Man) than boys, we doubted that he can recognises the boys in UKM. Farhan is someone who put the fun to the max even in the tense. Naim and Fadli were roommates, just like Farhan and Ammar. There were lots of fun experience we went together in UKM such as the trip to Time Square which end up with no transport back to UKM and lotferss and lots of other experience.

Next one is Afiq. He is the 'big boss in our house. When he 'mixed' with Farhan will be more than enough maddness in the house. Syafiq weird characters and Firdaus passive jokes completed DR. SONGO in Egypt.

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