Saturday, December 27

The Weirdest week of Dr. Songo's life..

the week started just like the same as it is used to be...but..suddenly, there were continuous rainy days for 3 days. even it was not supposed to be flooded, it is FLOODED. and there goes my shiny black shoes, drifting through the poor old unmaintained drain. there are no actual drain in Mansoura seriously..hahaha.
Next, the mother nature 'waved' at Dr. Songo's house. what a climate!. there was a sudden drop in temperature. from 16 degrees Celsius to about 8 degrees Celsius, and non would stay alive if try opening the windows (FIY: there are 3 layers of window in Egypt's house..never dare to open it during winter. or you'll die in a frost bite..hahaha).
and then, here goes all winter fashion to the lecture. wow, Malay students sure know how to make up themselves with these changes. a bit Arabic and a bit west-like garments.
and in these weather, all year one Conventional programs had to do 2 frustrating exams. all for the minor-est marks for the final. what a pain in a butt. well, goodbye for now to Physiology and Biochemistry, we not gonna miss you.
and that's all for this week.

to be continued.....

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