Wednesday, January 7

Donut @ Kuih Butang

Do u guys remember last few days I wrote that my frenz making donut. Well, u know he got the recipe from internet & he wanted to try it. He said his ‘bibik’ always made donut back in Malaysia. He wanted to try it la. The one that post the donut picture was the chef that night. So, to make the story funnier here are some picture to u all.

See what happened to dis donut, dah jadi kuih butang. Apa kes. Hehehe. U all know, they use almost 2 kilo of ‘daqiq’ aka flour that night. Nasib baik benda tu bleh mkn. Habis la gak kiranye. Itu pun kna masak sardine so we can eat together with ‘kuih butang’ aka donut tak jadi. One more thing, Mr. Afiq, one of my frenz tensen tak dpt buat donut trus buat roti canai. Xpe Fiq, next time kite try again.

This kind of story also must happened to all my frenz in Egypt. Well, not all of them is a chef right. But we’re here to study. Study to become a great Muslim doctor, to become a great cooker & everything else u guys can think. So, don’t be shy to try something new. Even if it’s not 100% the same, basically it’s still the same thing. Not all things are perfect right. Only ALLAH is PERFECT. For my housmates & my frenz here in Egypt, jum study........exam nak dkat dah ni. Cao..............

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