Monday, January 5

Today Is Monday

Don't know what to write today.Everything seem to be the same as the day b4 which is the day we all call day of the sun=Sunday.But sun also cant do anything to warm the coldness of the winter season in Egypt & everywhere else in the northern equinox.But still I want to write something.....hehe.Just what I did today

-wokeup and went to Masjid Wadi for Subuh prayer

-got back to house & recited Al-Quran
-don't eat breakfast cause today I'm fasting with my frenz

-I fell asleep...I don't know how

-woke up & took a bath(very cold la the water)
-started doing some revision on my notes(baru case 5 pasal vitamin,calcium,Darwanian's Law & ions)

-went to Masjid Wadi for Zohor prayer
-did some more revision

-went to Masjid Wadi for Asar prayer
-surfed Internet

-break the fast with my fren(kat rumah je....masak sendiri kan)
-went to Masjid Wadi for Maghrib prayer
-recite the Al-Quran

-went to Masjid Nur in front UM with Mr.Afiq for Isyak prayer

8pm till now
-study,study & study then surf Internet & then tulis something in blog

-g tido la.Apa lagi

Tuje la yg di buat hari ni.Kat luar tu my housemates ngah buat donut.Ada gak makanan malam ni.Supper untuk suma orang.Lagipun esok kita org nak posa lg.Exam just around the conner.Suma org pnat study.So ada aktiviti skit pun bes gak leh release tension.Semoga kita org dapat result yg terbaik for this upcoming exam.INSYAALLAH.Untill next time......cao

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