Wednesday, December 24

Resepi Ibu

Well,people always said when we study abroad,we are not just study but we also going trough some big changes in our life.Of course its true la........For those who already have the experiences studying in boarding school during high school i guessed they don't have much trouble but for those who didn't,it might be a great opportunity to taste the bitter sweet living n studying away from family.Changing de life style is not so difficult for me at least,but to have the thought of not be able to eat de real Malaysian food especially 'masakan ibu' is not that easy.As for most of all the new student here, the last three to four month back has been an experimental month not just in the laboratory but also in the kitchen.Seems here in Egypt do not have the same ingridients n spices as Malaysia,all the food has been extremely la,just a little bit je.But as long as the food feel,look,smell n taste Malaysia its ok kan kawan2?

Last few night,i called my parent.We had along chat.My ibu ask me what we always eat n cook here.I just said "ala bu,masak simple2 je.asal makan.nak makan kebab mahal.nak makan nasi arab lg mahal".So nak simple cite,my ibu taught me to make 'lempeng' that i love to eat since i'm little.Later that night, me,Afiq n Mukhsin did a little experiment.For 2 hours we struggling in the kitchen,we manage to make the 'lempeng' even it was the 1st time we made it n the taste was not bad too.So kengkawan,masa belajar ni don't just study.Try something new.Masakke atau apa2jela.Jalan2 dah tentu mesti kan?When we come back to Malaysia,we just not being a doctor but also as a great muslim doctor,great muslim cooker n great muslim traveller n also great in apa2 je la lg.Make our parent proud.May ALLAH be with us all.

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