Saturday, January 17

The Examination is just around the corner, Dr Songo!!...Please pray for our success...

Salam..well after a while being in egypt, knowing a thing or two and still not knowing other things, the exam come near and nearer day by day. the nervousness and other unexplainable feelings has already stirred within Doctor Songo. Struggling to be the best among the best, these made us tedious than ever. well, we have tried our best, lets hope for 'MUMTAZ' to all..

from books to books, from worksheet to worksheet of cases, we try to find and re-memorize everything that we have learn from the start of the first class' its a hard job you know since this place set up a fast paced learning system, assuming that all of us will understand in one explanation only...hahahaha

but that is not important any more, the most important thing is we must master everything from scratch to scratch. sounds impossible isn't it..hahaha..insyaAllah everything is impossible if we never give up and set a high pride upon each of ourselves. anyways, Dr Songo always strive for the best in the life as well in the afterlife, insyaAllah..


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uih. tido 1 selimut?

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