Thursday, January 22

Two more midterm papers dude!

Alhamdulillah,thanks Allah for giving me breath to live in your beautiful land till this moment..i am glad that,my exam papers just anatomy n biochem only..physiology and histology,have been past..erm,if want to comment bout this two past papers,for physio,i can answer quite well,but histo,i jus manage to answer all mcq question really well,but not for essay,that disaster one! Hehe..its ok,life must go on amar! Now,my mind is focus to my favourite subject,'anatomy',and biochemistry..thought bout anatomy,that remind me bout what doctor Omar Barakh said,"deltoid,my love"..hehe,that word is really funny 4 me..thank Dr Omar coz give me joyful when studying anatomy..i hope,i can score full mark in my anatomy paper,insyallah..for biochemistry,nothing special..i just study,sometime,make me tension,but,how i can do,i have to make it for my biochem exam..ok,1week remaining before i finish all my midterm paper as a medical student,i hope,success always follow me..i also hope,one day,i can be the best doctor in my lovely country,Malaysia! Good luck everyone!

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all da best korg =]

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