Thursday, January 29

1st Semester is already finish..Happy Holiday, Dr. Songo!

Salam..dr. SeIN 'ere..this time i'm gonna just post something simple. Congratulations to all who have done greatly in this exam, awesome for those who think the exam is *almost easy, and *try again..and again for those who think they might messed up with those question paper because *it's not to late, it's never to late.

Next, lets focus on holiday. Actually I'm still with the rough plan for the holiday till now, no *x&y for it. But i think *its better if you do have actual plan even it is not much the element of suprise. Still, I hope to have a very pleasurable holiday in Egypt. *Dear God, wonder what I might be doing today before setting of to Cairo with other Songo, maybe continuing watching One Piece and Hana Yori Dango..hahaha.

How about the next semester? Thought of it yet? After found out your rough part in the exam, it is easier to focus the weak side right? Never back to *square one. Well enough for now, till the next post, bye. Happy holiday....

*-from songs and lyrics of my favourites. Can you guess where i took those?

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