Friday, January 30

Exam finish,holiday begin

Its me amar..exam have became,better look to the coming,songo member prepare to close book 4 dis short break,n started thinking bout what we want to do to spend our holiday together! Hehe..tomorrow,we will go to kaherah.insyallah,early in the morning,we will start our 3hours journey.we go there just for fun..we want to accompany our songo member,paan to airport coz he want 2 go to sudan to spend with his beloved famili.besides dat,we want to survey book fair there,n of course take some time 2 round around cairo..if we have much time,we want 2 go to piramid,snap some picture together,n upload in our friendster profile,hehe..after back from kaherah,sein,naim n i will be travel to Senai..we will have experience to cross suez,that is the shortcut make by europe people to go to asia.erm..this winter break is so mean 4 me becoz i dont have to cut my sleep time 2 stadi,i cn sleep at any time i want..dat so valuable 4 our medical course.after dis holiday,we promise to give all our best 4 de next exam,to make our long dream come true to be a doctor..ok guys,enjoy ur holiday,find place 4 u to get peace from book..never3 open book till this holiday end! Hehe..ok,tata

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