Friday, February 6

true doctor...!!!

Ahamdulillah...thanks to allah the most gracious and merciful...

hello to alll who read this...!!!

that right what is amar said...we had already finish ours examination and we need to proceed to next semester and continue our journey...leading to our own inspiration n goals...

may allah help us...give the most easy way to achive ours aims.

in other to b the greatest doctor in the world...insya allah...we need the biggest inspiration within ouurs make our journey easy as ABC..

we need a bigger heart 4 our generations to have it..and taste it...if we have small come to make this heart paas through our generations,it wil become smaller and smaller and than dissapear......just like that..wasting n nothin we can do if ours hearts are small especially to all my frend including me and the rest members of doctor songo...insya allah
ones who struggle to have it...(he/her) can take it!!! no pain no gain!!!
gd luck to all my frends......!!!!! =)

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