Thursday, February 12


Marhaban guys,hai..............
Long time yar since the last update.Well so many things happened during the past 5-6 weeks.Study week,exam week,my laptop broke down during exam week,went to Cairo & tour around Mansoura.Few of the housemates went to Sinai n others just stay home.

Well,anyway classes are going to start again.For regular students they already got their time table but for Manchester students,we dont even know when our class will start.Weird ha!Guess its still holiday for Manchester student.Eat more,sleep more,tour more.

Results for last sem still dont come out yet.Few of my housemates n I have went to Faculty several times but u cant believe everything what they said.They said the results going to be released tomorrow but when u come the next day,they will say the result will come out at the end of the week.So,sabar jela kan.Papepun,all the best to all my frenz yar.INSYAALLAH we all get the best result.

K la,new semester is going to open soon,got to study back.To all my frenz,pull urself together n focus on ur study yar.Dont play to much.Just another 5 months.C ya next time..........cao

B4 depart to Cairo

Infront 'Rumah Kedah' in Cairo 1

Infront 'Rumah Kedah' in Cairo 2

1 sermon of mummies:

amir said... nyer,, nak souvenirs..alang2 dah ader kat situ.. bawak balik mumia pon ok la.. ;P
gurau jer..

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