Saturday, July 18


First of all,i would like to thanks Allah for giving me opportunity to secure my hope to furher my study in the second year..i'm really2 glad to get all subjects pass in my first year exam..Now,i'm just wait to go back home to meet all my friends and of course my family members that i miss them most..everytime i want to study,i will remember them first,so i will get extra motivation for not to be lazy to sleep,playing games,chatting and others things that wasting my time a lot.Now,all my afford have been paid by Allah S.W.T. Without Allah help,i will never taste this success.I also would like to thanks for my roomate,Naim because he make me motivate to study..he never give me motivation,but the hardworking of his make me also become a hardworking boy,hehe..I also want to thanks to all my housemates..i really miss them to be together again in one roof,but,the different course separate us..Never mind,drsongo will never be separated right?? Erm,insyallah,this 26 julai,i will fly to Malaysia with Syafiq,Jimmy,Amir,Naim,fadzil,Anas..All of them have been pass in exam with flying colour.Maybe we can create the new blog,drseven,hehe.Once again,i want to thanks to Allah,i hope,Allah will always with me until i become doctors and died.Now,i just countdown to go back,just 8 days before i'm at Cairo Airport.I wish all my friends that have to repeat papers good luck,all the best from all of you,don't give up,Allah want to test how strong are you,whatever happen,do not lost hope to Allah.Insyallah,we will meet again in the second year.Salam.

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