Thursday, April 22

hw to teach yr fly...!

assalamualaikum n hello to evrbdy...^^...!

today i want to show n share with u a video about a fly..
this actually an experiment done by my uncle for his phD at german...
the aim for this experiment is to know hw a fly can fight or survive from the crosswind...
this is very expensive experiment that need a slow motion camera to record the fly... *6000 snap/second*.
my uncle said that he need to buy an insurance before he can use this camera and strt his experiment because the price for this camera can afford a ferarri..
*6000 snap/second*
huuhuhuuhu...@_@...'mahal giler beng2 punye'

nowdays, there is an invention of a tiny spy plane as small as a fly use to spy out n also can kill people with a poison that provided or carried by this plane...amazing huh..!

below is a video that carried throughtout the experiment...enjoy it...zassss...!

p/s:sorry...i had a difficult problem during uploading the video...huhuhuhu...T T
so, u just imagine the experiment...vry2 sorrry...ma3alish...^^

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